Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Starting something great, maybe

It's good to know that age does come with some perks, like learning things. I have learned a few things about myself, I am less likely to succeed at a personal goal if no one knows about it. I set many goals in my life, but it seems those that have staying power are backed up by peer pressure or perceived peer pressure. Remember that time I decided to ride my bike 206 miles in one day? The only way I trained sometimes is because I thought someone out in cyber space might notice I was being a slacker. I call this PERCEIVED peer pressure. No one actually read my blog. Who really cares about the ride I went on that day, what I ate or how my tush felt after 100 miles in the saddle? I'll tell you who, no one. But for some reason, I still felt compelled to write, record and talk about what I was doing. This narcissism our generation has grown up with really pays off when it's time to create a new habit or do something hard and awesome.

I am going to apply perceived positive peer pressure again to help me create a better study habit of my scriptures. I hope to post at least one scripture, spiritual thought or something valuable each day. Some days (most days I fear), will just be one scripture posted, hopefully other days will have some deeper thought provoking question or statement. If anyone is reading or paying attention in this world, then please comment and chime in. Maybe this personal improvement project can benefit other people as well.


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